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Welcome to Lydnow's Robotics School.

What you do, experience, and learn here, matters.


Lydnow's Robotics school is located in Pune, Maharashtra, and has a strong tradition of training children in the age groups of 9 to 11 and 12 to 15 in Robotics and Automation. The Robotics School is part of a larger educational initiative that promotes experiential learning, innovation, and sustainability. The ethos at school is to encourage learning by doing, hands-on investigation, observation, reflection and application.


This academic year, 2016-2017, The Robotics School reached its sixth year of training young children in Robotics. It has completed more than 100 batches till date, and through its workshops and courses it has trained over 1500 young learners in Automation and Robotics. The Robotics School offers a basic 14 hour training program in Robotics for children, through 'Robocurious,' its level 1 course which is open to children of the age 9 years and above from any school / educational setting. In addition, the school offers a 56 hour training program in Robotics through its level 2 course 'Robofunda'. This course has a stimulating selection process and is open to the previous participants of Robocurious and children who have attended basis courses in Robotics elsewhere. All participants of Robofunda must be interested in an intensive experience of learning Automation and Robotics The school also offers a 140 hour training program in Robotics through its level 3,4, and 5 courses, 'Robopro1, Robopro 2 & Robopro3' which exposes children to designing and basic engineering graphics, solving problem statements, learning coding and programming pertaining to Autonomus Robotics. Through the school's Robotics Club, young learners are offered the choice and chance to specialise in Automation and Robotics with competing, volunteering, and work experience opportunities in the future. Our training programs are currently available at five different locations in Pune including S.B. Road, Kothrud, Pune Camp, Kalyani Nagar and Baner.


- Our courses are driven by the imagination and curiosity of children.

- Our courses are a bridge to the real world. This is because of the diverse learning experiences provided through our unique 'how-things-work,' 'how-to-make-things,' and 'how-to-fix-things' approaches.

- Our commitment to the exploration of experiential, self-directed and hands-on learning knows no bounds.​

- Our courses include plenty of opportunities to inquire, try things out, observe, make errors and discover concepts 'along the way.'

This offers the chance for children to explore the way the robots work, and to set up their own projects through a conceptual understanding and first-hand experience of motion, speed, direction, light, and sound.​


- Learning about electronics, electromagnetism, and mechanics through simple and engaging experiments.

- Learning about technology, automation, logic and programming through exciting activities and projects.

- Learning how different engineering technologies work together to help Robots perceive and interact with their surroundings.

- You will be introduced to vital common-sense learning approaches that create connections between theoretical and experiential learning; these learning approaches will set you apart from the crowd.


- 50+ students of Lydnow have been participants at international robotics competitions.

- Lydnow has been successful in providing basic to advance level training in Robotics to over 1000 students till date, since it's inception in 2010.

- Our students have found a place in the top ten finalists at the IIT Mumbai Techfest each year, since 2011.

- They secured the top five positions in the solar robotics category in 2012.

- They have secured the second position in the pick and place robots category during the wildcard round in 2013.

- They have secured the third position in the Aqua Robotics category at IIT Mumbai's Techfest 2015.

- They have been the youngest participants at international robotics competitions, and have shared the stage and arena with engineering undergraduates from India.

Click here to read more about the kind of projects that our students have worked on, and their accomplishments through the time that they have trained with us.

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Our Upcoming Courses

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Robocurious : Robotics level 1 Course (14 hrs) Kothrud, Pune Rs.7198/-
Robocurious : Robotics level 1 Course (14 hrs) Camp, Pune Rs.7198/-
Robocurious : Robotics level 1 Course (14 hrs) Baner, Pune Rs.7198/-
Robocurious : Robotics level 1 Course (14 hrs) Bopodi, Pune Rs.7198/-