About Us
"Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." --Vince Lombardi

Want a caring and stimulating atmosphere to help your children learn, grow, and mature intellectually and socially? Lydnow has the solutions you need to help your children meet their fullest potential.

About Lydnow:

Lydnow stands for 'live your dreams now.' Started in 2010 by a group of youngsters in their mid 20s, Lydnow Training and Innovations LLP is a Pune-based educational initiative primarily working in the field of experiential learning that is involved in the building of meaningful, need-and-ability-based, age-relevant curricula for children.This company is an evolving learning space. It is where we brew up our ideas, chase innovations, run creative workshops and nurture our vision.

Our Goals:

Why hands-on learning?:
Recipe for a Science Lesson

Option 1: Find a puddle and photograph it. Show the photograph to a seven-year-old child. Have her read about puddles. Later, ask her to talk about the puddle.

Option 2: Find a puddle. Add one seven-year-old child. Mix thoroughly. Stomp, splash, and swish. Float leaves on it. Drop pebbles into it and count the ripples. Measure the depth, width, and length of it. Test the pH. Look at a drop under a microscope. Measure 250 mL of puddle water and boil it until the water is gone. Examine what is left in the container. Estimate how long it will take for 250 mL of puddle water to evaporate. Time it. Chart it. Now ask the child to talk about the puddle.

If you were a seven-year-old child, what option would stimulate you to talk about the puddle? That's what hands-on science is all about - allowing students to experience science fully" (Donivan, 1993, p. 29).

About The Robotics School:

Through a multi-disciplinary teaching-learning process, teachers who have previously worked in diverse educational settings, as well as experts from the industrial and technical sectors contribute their expertise throughout our courses. Skill-building activities and interactive group discussions form the basis of our highly participative courses.

"Seen only as a laundry list of theorems in a workbook, science can be a bore. But as a 'hands-on' adventure guided by a knowledgeable teacher, it can sweep children up in the excitement of discovery. Taught by the regular classroom teacher, it can illustrate the point that science is for everyone - not just scientists" (William J. Bennett (as U.S. Secretary of Education), 1986, p. 27).

What others have to say


Robotics has been an exciting break for me. I started working with Arijit in 10th and I have known him since 2 years now. He is an amazing teacher who always taught in a fun and interesting way. He taught me how to love technology around me. - Aseem Malpani, (Grade 12 )Indus International School, Pune

Mr.Arjit Malick is an excellent teacher and mentor. He has passion for teaching and this results in great quality lessons. He helped me clear numerous concepts and never complained to repeat something that we forgot. He also helped me develop a love for Robotics and opened up my mind to think differently , and out of the box , something which is rarely promoted in schools. - Shivam , (Grade 11)Gems Modern Academy, Dubai

The Basic & Advance Course experience was very good and satisfying. Arijit sir mentored us in a very detailed way towards making successful projects and robots. He was very patient with us and our mischiefs during the course. Overall, it was a fun learning experience. I loved it!
Abhijeet Jadhav, Vishwashanti MIT Gurukul, Pune

The course was very inspiring. I got many new ideas and explored them with arijit sir. He explained to the bottom of all things and no questions were left unanswered!
Karan Jadhav, Vishwashanti MIT Gurukul, Pune

Lydnow's mission


To encourage and support any one and every one, in their growth and excellence through inculcating practical and experiential learning. To facilitate creativity, leadership, responsibility, and respectability towards one another and the nature. To celebrate freedom and oneness.

Lydnow's vision


To encourage creativity and talent, to facilitate greater awareness and understanding of an individual's being as well as one's structural relationship with the society and nature. To provide a creative and stimulating learning environment for all. To evolve each day and to remain teachable and grateful.