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​Lydnow's Robotics school runs Robotics courses and workshops that introduce young learners (ages 9 to 15) to the adventures in electronics, mechanics, physics and technology. Through our courses Robocurious, Robofunda and Robopro, they get hands-on experience, and the work they do can feed into most of your science-mathematics curriculum. Using simple everyday materials, children engage in problem-solving activities, as individuals and groups, to build working models and projects in electronics, automation and robotics. The courses stimulate students’ creative thinking, problem-solving and team-working skills. Children achieve a greater spacial awareness and begin to explore how things work.

We feel that Robotics can cross the divide between arts and science. This is because Robotics combines science, visual arts, craft, design, and movement, and its naturally integrative nature makes it a powerful and appropriate activity for school and community settings.

Thus our Robotics courses link to many curriculum areas including ​STEM, ​logic, art, ​craft, and ​design, making Robotics workshops a key part of school learning. We have designed fun and interactive workshops for schools where students can see, touch and hear science and become truly interactive with it. ​​We pitch the workshops​ ​at the right level and have adapted many activities to​ ​match​ ​the age​​,​ ​needs​ ​and abilities​ ​of​ ​children.​ ​We aim to make workshops challenging but achievable for all and ensure that all learners within a group will find an activity or project they warm to, and succeed.​ ​​We have a wide range of projects and activities to offer, which link well with the ​middle school and upper school ​science and mathematics syllabus. ​​Our projects are innovative, original​, they add context to the workshops, ​and always involve, engage and excite​ children​.​ ​​​​We use a range of teaching methodologies and our work with children is inspired by a variety of themes.

We at Lydnow​ ​are​ ​quite happy to discuss what could be done in your​ ​school / institute​ ​from short​ ​introductory workshops and courses​ ​to more extended projects​. We are happy to ​offer ​​a bespoke package to suit the needs of​ ​your school.​ ​It is really important to us that we provide your school the very best​ Robotics​ programme we can for your individual needs and budget.

​To make a course enquiry, kindly fill in the form on this page. Alternatively, to see what workshop possibilities are available, write us an e-mail at info@lydnow.com

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