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Host a workshop or course

We work with partners across Pune to provide a wholesome training in Robotics and Automation to young learners. If you represent an established or emerging ​pre-school or school, college, ​activity centre, hobby class, ​holiday club, ​children's summer / winter camp provider, day care centre, or a collaborative team​,​ interested in offering ​training in ​Robotics to children, ​hello there! ​We will work with you and your staff to select and present a workshop that will best suit the age, abilities and needs of your children. Please ​be in touch and ​communicate with us your goals, plans, and needs​. ​We ​will get in touch right away ​to explore ​ways ​in which ​we can support each other.

How to ​Host​ ​our ​Workshop ​or Course in​ Your Community:

​1. Review our courses.
Review our courses Robocurious, Robofunda, and Robopro to get an idea of our curriculum, and the no. of hours of training required for each of these courses, Contact Us.

2. Review our Outreach policy
Our Outreach Team will share with you our Outreach policy, help you choose the ideal workshop taking into account your children’s needs, and will offer you a bespoke package.

3. Select A Slot
Once the course decisions are made, our Outreach Team will show you our calendar and help you to select a slot for hosting our workshop. To be sure you get your preferred date, its best to schedule 2-3 months in advance.

4. Get Your Resources Organized and Aligned
You will want to line up your resources as soon as possible. Choose a dedicated point person from your staff, and our Outreach Team will walk them through the requirements of the workshop, step by step. For example, finding the appropriate seating and a well-lit, spacious working area for children is key—you will need to have chairs, desks and a table—whether they are your own, borrowed or rented. You will need provision for easily accessible power points, electrical sockets, power extension boards, and spike guards in the working area for children. You will also need provision for wash rooms, safe and clean drinking water, and a steady power supply. Having a projector, sound system and microphone will come handy.

​Our workshops​ ​often​ ​lead to​ ​the formation of scientifically ​aware and responsible groups​ ​of children, and our partners play a big role in this. They provide helpful insights into the specific needs of​ ​young learners​ ​in their​ ​locality​ ​and the subsequent impact of​ ​Lydnow's Robotics​ ​courses locally.​ ​If you would like to observe ​Lydnow's Robotics​ ​workshop before planning one for your​ ​community, we may be able to offer you​ ​a ​60 minutes​ slot in any of our on-going workshops.

To make an enquiry, write us an e-mail at or let us know you’re planning on hosting a workshop using the contact form here.
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