Private Workshops

Would you like to attend​ ​a workshop with just your friends?

​When it comes to learning, everybody is different. We often find that some children prefer to start with private training. If it's easier and less stressful for you, it works for us. Moreover, if you can’t come to any of our training centres, we’ll come to you! Lydnow's Robotics School offers one-on-one​ ​as well as small group workshops​ ​tailored​ ​around your needs and interests, whether you are beginner or have had previous experience in Automation and Robotics.​ ​Your learning opportunities will be maximised in a private setting.

To inquire about a private workshop, send us an email at with your preferred dates, interests and expectations for the workshop. We'll talk about where you want to go and what you want to accomplish academically and technically. Based on our interaction we will design and facilitate a workshop that suits your needs and goals.

Note: Our criteria to do a private workshops is to have minimum of 5 participants.