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​"​Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn't know it was missing."​ --Paola Antonelli

At Lydnow we believe that education should be a wholesome experience that gradually enables the learning to become independent of a teacher. Along with demystifying today’s existing technology, our curriculum is designed to build a good foundation of knowledge and skills for young participants.

Robocurious is Lydnow’s basic training module in Automation and Robotics that intends to lay a strong foundation for its participants in electronics, mechanics and physics. From understanding ohm’s law to building their first electronics circuit board, from playing with gears to creating motion, from making their first ever sensor to signaling and running a motor , Robocurious is designed to give children a glimpse of what actually happens inside a robot and what it takes to build one.

Robocurious opens the doors of an inspiring journey to its participants into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It also serves as a platform for us to select some students who are naturally inclined towards learning technology and hungry to learn more. We look at grooming these participants further with 200+ hours of thorough training in Robotics and Automation via Robofunda and Robopro. Together then, we push the envelope in innovating technology and challenging the barriers of what’s possible in the future. 

Don’t just learn to assemble a Robot, learn to build one from scratch! What you learn through hard work is what stays with you.

Robocurious Course features:

Introduction to fundamental concepts in electronics, manual robotics and wireless technology.

Get familiarised with sensors and sensor based motion control.

Get a thorough grounding in:

Training Objectives:

Young learners take away the projects made during the course, study material, and a mini electronics kit. (Bread board, electronic components, and material for a simple wired robot)

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It was really exciting and fun with you!! Learned a lot more new things!! THE BEST CLASS!! HAD LOADS AND LOADS OF FUN! :) :) Hope to see you in the next batch!

- Sanaya Thadani , St. Mary's School, Pune

I liked the robotics course and it was interesting. We learnt to make many interesting projects. Sir taught us to make batterries out of lemons, rain detectors, light detector and many more things. I would just like to tell sir thanks!

- Vanshika Dhoot, Nath Valley School, Aurangabad

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