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“ learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know.” ― Stephen R. Covey

At Lydnow, we believe in creating science experiences for young learners that emphasize entirely on personal involvement. We maintain that children can and want to care enough about the challenges and mysteries around them to make them their own. Now, we intend for two things to happen - one is that children must learn how to learn, and the other is that they must apply their learning to a real situation or problem, and test it.

Robofunda is Lydnow’s intermediate training course that kindles the innate curiosities of children pertaining to the fundamental aspects of automation and robotics. Through 56 hours of training, we offer them the right kind of tinker space, a space that not only allows them to build something new from electronic and mechanical components, but also to wreck apart unused or discarded electrical devices, gadgets, and machines in order to find out how things really work. Robofunda engages students with the thrill of first-hand discovery using electronic circuits, sensors, wireless commuincation, and remote control. Through a glimpse into the rich history of robotics, we nudge children to discover something completely new about something they know, and this leaves them in a state of awe and wonderment.

Our young makers get involved in engineering activities that get their brains and bodies moving. They learn to use a predict-apply-test approach in their work which gives them opportunities to make connections between theory and everyday science. Questions that directly evolve from their activities, observations, and reflections help them to sustain their interest in the subject. They dream up innovations and learn to actually make things work.

Robofunda Course Features:

>Roboclub – Soon after the students complete the Robofunda course, they are assigned monthly group projects in Roboclub. This prepares them for the next level, the Robopro course.

>Students who complete their Robofunda training become eligible to assist at Robocurious. This gives them a unique opportunity to share their passion and inspiration with others.

Robofunda batches are offered in two formats:

>Weekend-intensive (2* 2 hour units on weekends)

>Week days after school (2 hours once a week)


Students who have completed the Robocurious course with us, or those students who have elsewhere attended a course equivalent to the Robocurious course are eligible to join the Robofunda course.


Sir made Robotics very interesting Robotics very interesting and a lot of fun! Right from the first day when we made the rain detector project, we have been impatiently to know what our next project would be. I feel that that Robotics is a very interesting hobby to pursue. Sir, we have made so many amazing projects with your help - the rain detector, light detector, fire alarm, obstacle detector, and finally the two much awaited robots - wired and wireless! I think the book and kit would be very useful. Thanks for everything Arijit Sir. Hope to have you to conduct the advanced batch for us.

- Tanvi Krishnakumar, Delhi Public School, Pune

The Basic & Advance Course experience was very good and satisfying. Arijit sir mentored us in a very detailed way towards making successful projects and robots. He was very patient with us and our mischiefs during the course. Overall, it was a fun learning experience. I loved it!

- Abhijeet Jadhav, Vishwashanti MIT Gurukul, Pune

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Robofunda 2011-2016

These are some of the images that we have captured over the years with kids during the Robofunda Course.
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