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“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” ― Abraham Maslow

At Lydnow we believe that all we can pass on is our experience of the world. We started with our faith in hands-on education and with the spirit to bring better learning platforms to future generations.

Innovation starts with a thought, Try this : Ask yourself - ‘What if?’.... What if what?
For us the answer was a new question : ‘What if innovation became an attitude for the future generations?'
‘But how?’…and there you go!

Now you have a started defining a problem or as we call it a problem statement. We have been answering this question for the past five years through this course. And we are becoming better by the day.

A dream is hard to achieve until it is quantified and broken down into a precise set of objectives. You cannot solve a problem until its well defined. And this is what Robopro is all about! Here, the children put their skills and learning to the ultimate test. Designing a robot to solve a well defined problem statement to that challenges their creativity and skills! This stage is what we prepare the kids for through Robocurious, Robofunda, Young assistants and Roboclub. Here selected teams of children come together for 140+ hours of guided training and apply all they have learned so far. This is their playground!

Robopro has three modules. Robopro1, Roborpo2 and Robopro3 are programs that are very carefully designed to facilitate mastery of this field. Here are the program features:

Robopro 1: Robopro 2: Robopro 3:

Program features:

Our experience so far has been that children who complete this level become independent in their thought process and we on the other hand feel confident to let go!

And yes some of these students go to represent us at international robotics competitions at the IITs. They amaze engineering students coming from all corners of the country and the world!

Your journey with us is important to get the essence of what we try to achieve with you at this level. Entry to this level is limited to Lydnow’s students who have gone through previous levels.


Very Interesting. I also had loads of fun. Some topics flew over my head but sir taught them so well that i understood. Sir also interacts with us very well. We all made friends.
Stars - ***** out of 5

- Anjali R, Vibgyor High, NIBM, Pune

Robotics is a lot of fun. I learnt a lot of stuff and also things we haven't done in school yet which will help me as well. Before this workshop i was not as inteested in robotics or electronics in general, but now i find it a lot of fun to learn andask questions to whichi can get answers. Making the projects was awesome fun!!

- Aakruti Galna, St. Mary's School,Pune

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Robopro 2011-2016

These are some of the images that we have captured over the years with kids during the Robopro Course.
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Robocurious : Robotics level 1 Course ( 14 hrs) Kothrud, Pune Rs.7475/-
Robocurious : Robotics level 1 Course ( 14 hrs) Baner, Pune Rs.7475/-
Robocurious : Robotics level 1 Course ( 14 hrs) Camp, Pune Rs.7475/-