"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to workhard at work worth doing. --Theodore Roosevelt"

How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? I think you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal, and you have to be willing to work for it. --Jim Valvano

When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play and it is play that stimulates creativity. --Linda Naiman

Here is a collection of some of the feedbacks we have received at our various training programs. For us, feedbacks reflect the excellence as well as the scope of improvement in our work and they help us in getting better every day! This section would help you to get familiar with our style of training.

If you have been to one of our events and have any feedback for us, do help us by sharing your experience with us. You can write to us at


The Basic & Advance Course experience was very good and satisfying. Arijit sir mentored us in a very detailed way towards making successful projects and robots. He was very patient with us and our mischiefs during the course. Overall, it was a fun learning experience. I loved it!

- Abhijeet Jadhav, Vishwashanti MIT Gurukul, Pune

The course was very inspiring. I got many new ideas and explored them with arijit sir. He explained to the bottom of all things and no questions were left unanswered!

- Karan Jadhav, Vishwashanti MIT Gurukul, Pune

The course was excellent and enjoyable. We learnt to make robots from household material and lots of other devices. I enjoyed the most and hopefully sir enjoyed with us too.

- Rishab Kalro, RIMS International, Pune

The Course Rocks. We want sir to come back!

- Karan & Chahal Nayiar, Vidya Valley School, Pune

I enjoyed learning Robotics a lot. It was great fun learning with you Sir! You made everything so interesting that Robotics is one of the new things in my list of hobbies! Thanks Sir.

- Ishita Agarwal, St. Mary's school, Pune.

This Robotics workshop has been extremely enjoyable. I am amazed at all the things we created during the workshop. I first thought it would be a strict class, but it was a lot of fun and a chilled out camp!

- Anoushka Suri, St. Mary's school, Pune

It was really exciting and fun with you!! Learned a lot more new things!! THE BEST CLASS!! HAD LOADS AND LOADS OF FUN! :) :) Hope to see you in the next batch!

- Sanaya Thadani , St. Mary's School, Pune

I liked the robotics course and it was interesting. We learnt to make many interesting projects. Sir taugt us to make batterries out of lemons, rain detectors, light detector and many more things. I would just like to tell sir thanks!

- Vanshika Dhoot, Nath Valley School, Aurangabad

The Class was exciting and fun. I loved the class. I enjoyed learning new things, understood the things taught. I could understand the concepts taught since we were making projects to connect the concepts together. It was an awesome experience!

- Ridhi Runwal, The Bishops Co-ed School, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Sir made Robotics very interesting Robotics very interesting and a lot of fun! Right from the first day when we made the rain detector project, we have been impatiently to know what our next project would be. I feel that that Robotics is a very interesting hobby to pursue. Sir, we have made so many amazing projects with your help - the rain detector, light detector, fire alarm, obstacle detector, and finally the two much awaited robots - wired and wireless! I think the book and kit would be very useful. Thanks for everything Arijit Sir. Hope to have you to conduct the advanced batch for us.

- Tanvi Krishnakumar, Delhi Public School, Pune

We made so many projects in groups like the rain detector, light detector and the obstacle detector. I leatrnt many new things and had a lot of fun!

- Ishan Patil, S.S.R.V.M. scool, Pune.

I enjoyed the class. Teaching is very good. Along with teaching, Arijit Sir along cracks a lot of jokes!

- Neharika Sonawane, P.V.B.'s Vidya Bhavan, Chembur - Ghatkopar,Mumbai

Robotics is a lot of fun. I learnt a lot of stuff and also things we haven't done in school yet which will help me as well. Before this workshop i was not as inteested in robotics or electronics in general, but now i find it a lot of fun to learn andask questions to whichi can get answers. Making the projects was awesome fun!!

- Aakruti Galna, St. Mary's School,Pune

I loved that electronics was broken down to simple terms and not overly technical yet we got to make projects and use parts that ordinarily we dont get to use. Over all great fun!

- Amee Kapadia, St. Mary's School,Pune

Arijit Sir is one of the few teachers who just doesn't teach for the sake of teaching but to ejoy it! He's very good teacher who nurtures his students while giving knowledge! It was my pleasure to be able to be a part of his course! Thank you sir for this awesome experience!

- Tanvi Kirane, 7th std, Vidya Valley School, Pashan Sus rd, Pune

I think it was a very good camp! Super! I loved it and I want to thank Arijit Sir for introducing us to Electronics and Robotics.

- Manasi Sonawane, Vikhe patil Memorial School, Pune.

An enjoyable course. We get practical knowledge about how things work. We think every one should make individual projects. The Kit could have more things with certificate of participation.

- Radhika Bhopatkar & Minoti Karkhanis, 9th std Students, Pune

Robotics is fun and interesting. I learned many new things at Arijit Sir's camp. A few things flew over my head, but Sir would explain us everything very well and clear our doubts from time to time. I had fun!

- Khushi Pastagia, Vibgyor High, NIBM, Pune

Very Interesting. I also had loads of fun. Some topics flew over my head but sir taught them so well that i understood. Sir also interacts with us very well. We all made friends.
Stars - ***** out of 5

- Anjali R, Vibgyor High, NIBM, Pune

This was a very good experience. I liked the course very much and got to learn a lot.

- Aryan & Malhar Shirole, St. Vincents High School, Pune

The most interesting thing was to make the Robot! I liked this course very much. There should be more projects, then it will be even more entertaining.

- Jay Paranjpe, Abhinav Vidyalaya English medium school, Pune

I really enjoyed the work in the course some parts were a little rushed because of the time frame but I understood it all. The best part of the course was the gesture control and seeing it be successful. I had a great time working with you and hope I will get the chance to do it again.

- Aarav Tanti, Grade 9, Sevenoaks school - Now in London

I like the teacher very much. He would make hard projects appear very easy!

- Prathamesh Borade, New English school, Raman baug, Pune.

I liked this camp very much and it was fun to make projects from easily available household materials. Thank you Sir!

- Pratik Kharote, Raman baug, Pune.

Great programme. Couldn't have been better!

- Omkar Bhide, 9th Std student,

My child found the course very interesting – looking forward to the next course, thank you!

- Aradhana B , Parent, Pune.

The course was good for basics, please let me know about all your advanced courses in future.

- Mrs. Gorte, Parent, Pune